Cac website hay (update lien tuc)

  • Kien thuc chung

+ (bach khoa toan thu pho thong)

+ (ve thien van hoc)

  •  Anh van (tu dien)

+ : download tu dien

+ (co flashcard, theo chuyen nganh, trinh do, ect.)


+ : you can register free for ” a word a day” idioms, phonics, speeches, quotations, songs, poems, onlone wordsearch, games, volcabulary, grammar.


+ ( send regular email- volcabulary from medicine, science, humanities) (fun w/ fnglish, by this profolic american author self-proclamed wordholic, logolept & verbivore)

+ ( ex use cases) register free for ‘ a word a day’  : ‘ phrase of the week’

+   : link for archived word of mouth radio programmes  : ELS site from Manchester college, UK w/ lots of fun ex & stories at diff levels.

+ : goodsoure of fun games & activities.

+oup/  : oxford uni press.

+ : interactive volcabuary tests to revise & expand ur vol in a fun way.


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