Education is the most important source of children’s development

Quality of education, especially for children, is one of the factors which come into use in ranking a nation, affirming that its importance is undeniable. Moreover, all a kid need to progress is good schools and teachers.

           For one thing, education plays a vital role in children’s evolving process because it contributes to form their right cognition. According to Piaget’s theory, the children pass through four developmental stages, in which they receive information, compare to their existing ideas and adjust them. Meanwhile, without support of education, they are likely to consider surroundings at their own weak point of view or at the wrong way.

      Secondly, regardless of  their background, good schools and teachers can help children improve. The school is widely made sense of a place where kids freely experience, manipulate and rebuild their knowledge and also, the presentation of teacher is nothing more than a guide. For instance, Thomas Edison, the renowned scientist, had not gone to the “actual” school for six years. During his childhood, life and books were the real school in which he was free to question and his mother – the guide who made him passionately seft-taught learner. Clearly, children is actively explored the world in the open education, irrespective of their family condition.

     Thirdly, governments now focus on education more and more. Confucian, a famous Chinese philosopher dating back to about 5th-6th century BC, stated that education was a basic of economics, politics and society. Not only did it effect on human’s characteristic, but become prerequisite in developing the country. Therefore, if one nation wants to promote, upgrading education is compulsory.

           All in all, good schools and teachers give children active learning condition, in which education fulfills the role in forming their full cognition. To government, it is more necessary to invest on education due to its effect on the future country.


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