Brands of coffee

Đây là thương hiệu cà phê hảo hạng của Pháp, thuộc Kraft foods. Điểm chú ý trong instant coffee Carte noire là nó sử dụng 100%  Arabica coffee beans. Trước đây các gói cà phê sấy khô được thiết kế với 3 màu chính: đen, vàng, trắng (historic and powerful codes). Dragonrouge đã định hướng lại cho các dòng sản phẩm coffee của Kraft theo concept: coffee that means glamour and sensuality.

2010, Carte Noire bắt đầu một chiến dịch quảng cáo mới : For a more seductive coffee break. Cùng với việc mời các diễn viên nam nổi tiếng đọc các trích đoạn hay trong các tác phẩm nổi tiếng ( hợp tác với penguin books), C.N muốn nhắm vào đối tượng khách hàng .là những phụ nữ từ 35-40 và thời gian nghỉ của họ khá quí báu.

Dominic West đọc ” Kiêu hãnh và định kiến”

Share France’s passion for Carte Noire

The French are known for their propensity to take their time over things they enjoy, and for their appreciation of the finer things in life – from food and wine, to fashion and the arts. In everyday life, this attitude is embodied in the café culture that spills over into the boulevards and streets of both rural and urban France. As a result, coffee has always been central to the French way of life – typically enjoyed while sitting at a café terrace to watch the world go by, or while catching up with friends to discuss life, the universe and everything.

But there’s no need to cross the channel to share France’s romance with great coffee – all you need is a rich, aromatic cup of Carte Noire. Created in 1978 by René Monnier, the pure Arabica Carte Noire blend is the embodiment of the French love affair with coffee. From its inception, the name and logo symbolized luxury and privilege – its black and gold packaging evokes quality, while its intense aroma and well-balanced taste mark it out from the competition. As a result, Carte Noire is now the undisputed number-one coffee choice throughout France.

Produced by expert blenders using only the finest Arabica beans, it encapsulates French savoir-faire with its sophisticated flavour, velvety taste and seductive arôme absolu.

France’s favourite coffee is available in three varieties. The first, Carte Noire Instant Coffee, boasts bright, sparkling aromas as distinctive as those of a fine wine, and its high-roasted flavour is infused with a soupcon of dark chocolate. This is no ordinary instant, but an everyday coffee good enough for a special occasion. When combined with cream it caresses the palate, with a silky smoothness draped over the fragrance adding a seductive je ne sais quoi to dark sophistication.

For those who prefer to moderate their stimulation there’s Carte Noire Decaffeinated, a surprisingly aromatic experience with smoky fragrance and a soft, sweet flavour. The result is light and lively, with refreshing acidity. This is decaf à la Française – a mellow evening brew with all the familiar aromas of Carte Noire; a tour de force of the blender’s art. Bonjour, arômes! Au revoir, caffeine!

And finally, for those who value all the complexity one would expect from a French blend, there’s Carte Noire Ground Coffee. Its aromas are rich and smoky, with a recently roasted brightness, while the flavours are positively clamouring for attention – leafy notes, toasty tones, with a lovely sweetness on mid-palate. And there’s just the right level of bitterness, refreshing without being overpowering. This is an after-dinner coffee par excellence, assembled with typically French savoir-faire.

Despite their subtle differences, all the products in the Carte Noire range share a common bond: they evoke all that’s great about coffee culture. Distinctively Gallic, they embody the classic values of “Frenchness” – style, sophistication and sensuality.

In the same way, cinema has always been at the heart of French society and, more often than not, you’ll find the French heading straight from the cinema to the café to discuss what they have seen over a coffee. So, with that in mind, what better brand than Carte Noire to bring you a taste of the French way of life and introduce you to the world of French cinema. Browse our French Film Café site, read the latest reviews and features, vote for your favourite French films, claim free screening tickets and join the debate on French Film – all over a satisfying cup of coffee, of course…

From: Times Online–April 9, 2005


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